A passion of mine

by mallorydolgin

Being involved in something so wonderful for the past three years has truly been a blessing. A huge part of my life is devoting my time in working with special needs boys and girls. I can say that this act has changed me, and had shown me the importance of acceptance. Promoting my dedication for this also includes diminishing the “R” word (retarded) from daily vocabulary. Even if the word is referenced in a different way, it’s still highly offensive and inapropriate. Feeling bad for someone with special needs is uncalled for. There’s no need to be sympathetic, or express extra kindness. No, reality check: they aren’t babies, so please just treat them equally to how you treat anyone else. You might then say, “but special needs people need more help than others and they can’t do certain things.” Guess what? You’re wrong. Yes they might need just a tad bit assistance, but hey everyone does in life. You say they can barely do anything either? Well guess what you’re wrong again. One of my very good friends just recently had his Bar Mitzvah. He has ring 14 and nothing stopped him from rocking it. Parents- if you have or know a child with special needs, here’s a way to think about it: so you’re going to Brazil and you’re all packed. You have all of your itinerary and you’re beyond excited to explore this country. You then realize after a long flight, that you get off the plane and you’re in a totally different country, Chile. You most definitely aren’t packed for Chile, nor do you have any idea how to get around, or what to do. This is all new to you and suddenly so great. Each day you wake up and you know you’re blessed to end up here. This is just like having or knowing someone with special needs. Every day is different and these days bring you happiness and joy. You begin to adore their presence more than anything in the world, because they’re just that much special to you. My friends with special needs mean the world to me and I couldn’t ask for anything better. They’re are my role models and they’ve taught me to enjoy the little things in life, and to always be positive because being negative isn’t worth it. I love you all forever. Thank you for being amazing and inspiring me every day of my life.